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General Questions

How do I top up the practice account?
You can always top up your practice account for free if the balance falls below $10,000. First, you must select this account. Then click the green Deposit button with two arrows in the upper-right corner. A window opens where you can choose which account to top up: the practice account or the real one.
How much money can I make?
Your success depends on your skills and patience, your chosen trading strategy, and the amount you are able to invest. We recommend watching our training videos first, so you can make more informed transactions. Beginning traders can try out their skills and practice on the practice account.
What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a trading platform that helps you start your journey as a trader. We offer the following instruments:

- CFDs on currency pairs

- CFDs on stocks

- CFDs on commodities

- CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

- CFDs on ETFs

- Binary Options

- Digital Options

You can start practicing on a demo account, and then continue trading with real funds. Our graphical tools and convenient technical analysis indicators help you make trading decisions.

How much money can I make on the practice account?
You can't take any profit from transactions you complete on the practice account. You get virtual funds and make virtual transactions. It is intended for training purposes only. To trade using real money, you need to deposit funds to a real account.
Why do my friends have a bigger payout than me?
The profitability calculation is the same for all users, except for some assets where VIP customers have a small increase (less than 5%). Therefore, it is possible that you use different assets, at different times, at different expirations, which affects the calculation.
Can you call your customers?

According to company policy, we do not disturb our traders with outgoing calls, except for the welcome calls that our Fresh Team makes when our traders make their first deposit. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to contact us using one of the following ways:

1) Call us anytime at:

United Kingdom: +44 20 8068 0760 (London toll rate); +44 80 0069 8644;

South Africa: +27 87 550 21 61;

Australia: +61 261 452 936 (Canberra);

Mexico: +52 18 002 889 985 (Toll-free);

Brazil: +0800 878 3257 (Toll-free); +55 61 3550 0638 (Brasília);

Portugal: +351 882 880 034 (Toll-free); +351 308 807 766 (National);

Argentina: +54 115 173 7455 (Buenos Aires);

Singapore: +65 3163 7458 (Singapore);

Spain: +34 90 086 16 12 (Toll-free); +34 91 123 87 48 (Madrid toll rate);

Chile: +56 442 045 012;

India: +91 000 800 040 13 61 (Toll-free);

Thailand: +66 2 104 07 95 (Bangkok);

Colombia: +57 800 755 0167 (Toll-free)

2) Write to us in the Live Chat on the platform.

What are electronic wallets and how do I use them?
Electronic wallets are intermediaries through which you can withdraw your funds to a bank account in Brazil. They are very fast, safe, efficient and simple to use systems. Their use is similar, since they perform the same service for several different countries. Some have an interface in Portuguese. At the moment we work with Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Advcash and PerfectMoney. Their sites can be easily found through a quick Google search.
What is volatility?
To put it simply, volatility is how much a price changes. With low volatility, changes are insignificant on the chart and the asset might expire at the same level where you opened a position. But when the chart shows high volatility, the asset's level fluctuates quickly.
What is the minimum and the maximum investment per trade?

The minimum investment amount for today's trading conditions can be found on the Company's trading platform/website. The maximum investment amount is $20,000.

The maximum amount on some assets may vary according to the market conditions.

Trading loans

The company doesn't provide loans for trading.

Thank you for understanding!

How do I switch between the practice account and the real account?
To switch between accounts, click your balance in the upper-right corner. Make sure you are in the traderoom. The panel that opens shows all your accounts: your real account and your practice account. Click an account to make it active so you can use it for trading.
Do you have apps for PC, iOS, or Android?

Yes, we do! And on computers, the platform responds faster in the application for Windows and Mac OS. Why is it faster to trade in the application? The website is slower to update movements on the chart because the browser doesn't use available WebGL capabilities for maximizing the computer's video card resources. The application doesn't have this limitation, so it updates the chart almost instantaneously. We also have apps for iOS and Android. You can find and download the applications on our download page.

If a version of the app is not available for your device, you can still trade using the IQ Option website.

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