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What is a rebuy in the tournament?
In some tournaments, you can reload your tournament balance by re-paying the entry fee in real money. For example, if a tournament allows rebuys and your starting balance is $100, you can click "Rebuy" next to the balance and you will have $200 on your tournament balance. The number of rebuys during the tournament is unlimited, but only if the current balance and the profit from open positions is less than the starting balance. At the start of the tournament, you can reload once. The rebuy amounts are totaled and added to the tournament prize pool.
How can I collect a prize in a tournament?
If you are awarded one of the prizes in the tournament, your winnings are automatically credited to your real account when the tournament ends. Usually this happens instantly, but in some cases it may take from several minutes to an hour.
Why can't I access my tournament account?
If you select a tournament account but nothing happens, most likely the tournament hasn't started yet. To find out when the tournament will begin, click Tournaments in the left-hand menu on the platform.
What assets can I trade during tournaments?
When you compete with other traders within IQ Tournaments, you are welcome to choose any asset from the Options Tab only.
The tournament hasn't started yet, but participants are already shown in the list.
This is how we demonstrate how much a trader could win by taking one of the top places in this tournament. Before the tournament begins, the top traders are selected at random. Once the tournament has started and participants begin trading, the people in the list will be ordered according to the balance on their tournament accounts.
What is a tournament and how can I participate?
A tournament is a competition between traders where everyone can participate for a set fee. Each participant gets a tournament account with the same amount of money. You can only trade binary options in tournaments. Aside from that, there aren't any rules: you can trade in any asset and invest any available funds. The winner is the trader who finishes with the most money on the tournament account. The prize pool is usually divided among the best traders — from 9 to 30 people. Go to tournaments
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