#1 Binary Options Trading App in 28 Countries

IQ Option is the #1 trading application in 28 countries, based on data from the App Store. We are constantly developing and expanding our presence on traders’ mobile devices around the world.

The application includes the second tick chart

The application includes the second tick chart, and it’s smooth and fast. It changes every second, allowing you to make your trading more dynamic and exciting. Orders for options purchases are exercised immediately.

Cross-platform development

Users will hardly notice the difference between our Web, iOS and Android terminals. No other binary options broker has such a full-featured, versatile app.

New version every month

The fact that we develop our own platform allows us to be flexible in terms of product marketing. We take care of our clients through a flexible system of special offers and push notifications. There’s a new version every month! Both design and functionality are updated  regularly.

Users’ trust in our price quotation

Users’ trust in our price quotations and in our company as a whole has been improved thanks to the introduction of the “3 best deals” notification. It shows three of the most profitable deals for each asset at the time of expiration, which adds to user confidence in the possibility of earning on the platform.

User-friendly interface

A deep refinement of the interface allowed us to make the application easy to understand for even the most inexperienced users, which allows affiliates to easily drive new traffic.

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