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General QuestionsGeneral Questions
How do I top up the practice account?
You can always top up your practice account for free if the balance falls below $10,000. First, you must select this account. Then click the green Deposit button with two arrows in the upper-right corner. A window opens where you can choose which account to top up: the practice account or the real one.
How much money can I make?
Your success depends on your skills and patience, your chosen trading strategy, and the amount you are able to invest. We recommend watching our training videos first, so you can make more informed transactions. Beginning traders can try out their skills and practice on the practice account.
What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a trading platform that helps you start your journey as a trader. We offer the following instruments:

- CFDs on currency pairs

- CFDs on stocks

- CFDs on commodities

- CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

- CFDs on ETFs

- Binary Options

- Digital Options

You can start practicing on a demo account, and then continue trading with real funds. Our graphical tools and convenient technical analysis indicators help you make trading decisions.

How much money can I make on the practice account?
You can't take any profit from transactions you complete on the practice account. You get virtual funds and make virtual transactions. It is intended for training purposes only. To trade using real money, you need to deposit funds to a real account.
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Depositing fundsDepositing funds
Can I deposit using someone else's account?
No. All deposit means must belong to you, as well as the ownership of cards, CPF and other data, as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
I have problems depositing via card

Use your computer to deposit and it should work right away!

Clear temporary internet files (cache and cookies) from your browser. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE, choose the time period ALL, and select the option to clean. Refresh the page and see if anything changed. For complete instructions, see here. You can also try using a different browser or a different device.

Deposits might be declined if you entered the wrong 3-D Secure code (the one-time confirmation code sent by the bank). Did you get a code via SMS message from your bank? Please contact your bank if you didn't get one.

This might happen if the "country" field is empty in your information. In this case, the system doesn't know what payment method to offer, because available methods differ by country. Enter your country of residence and try again.

Some deposits might be declined by your bank if they have restrictions on international payments. Please contact your bank and check this information on their side.

You are always welcome to make deposits from an e-wallet instead.

We support the following: Skrill, Neteller, Paypal

You can easily register with any of them online for free, and then use your bank card to add money to the e-wallet.

What is 3DS?
The 3-D Secure function is a special method for processing transactions. When you get an SMS notification from your bank for an online transaction, it means that the 3D Secure function is on. If you do not receive an SMS message, contact your bank to enable it.
CVV or CVC code. What does CVV mean?
The CVV or СVС code is a 3-digit code that is used as a security element during online transactions. It is written on the signature line on the back side of your card. It looks like this
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Withdrawing fundsWithdrawing funds
How do I withdraw funds from the trading account to a bank card?

To withdraw your funds, go to the Withdraw Funds section. Choose a withdrawal method, specify the amount and other necessary details, and click the “Withdraw Funds” button. We do our best to process all withdrawal requests within the same day or the next day if outside working hours on business days (excluding weekends). Please note that it may take a little longer to process interbank (bank-to-bank) payments.

The number of withdrawal requests is unlimited. The withdrawal amount should not exceed the current trading balance amount.

*Withdrawal of funds returns the money that was paid in the previous transaction. Thus, the amount that you can withdraw to a bank card is limited to the amount that you have deposited with that card.

Appendix 1 shows a flowchart of the withdrawal process.

The following parties are involved in the withdrawal process:

1) IQ Option

2) Acquiring bank – IQ Option’s partner bank.

3) International payment system (IPS) – Visa International or MasterCard.

4) Issuing bank – the bank that opened your bank account and issued your card.

Please note that you can withdraw to the bank card only the amount of your initial deposit made with this bank card. This means that you can return your funds to this bank card. This process may take a little longer than expected, depending on your bank. IQ Option immediately transfers the money to your bank. But it may take up to 21 days (3 weeks) to transfer money from the bank to your bank account.

If you do not receive the money on the 21st day, we kindly ask you to prepare a bank statement (with logo, signature and stamp if it is a printed version; electronic versions must be printed, signed and stamped by the bank) covering the period from the date of the deposit (of these funds) to the current date and send it at from the email linked to your account or to our support officer via live chat. It would be amazing if you could also provide us with an email of the bank representative (the person who provided you with the bank statement). We would then ask you to inform us as soon as you send it. You can contact us via live chat or by email ( Please note that your bank statement must contain information about your bank card (the first 6 and 4 last digits of its number).

We will do our best to contact your bank and help them find the transaction. Your bank statement will be sent to the payment aggregator, and the investigation may take up to 180 business days.

If you withdraw an amount you deposited on the same day, these two transactions (deposit and withdrawal) will not be reflected on the bank statement. In this case, please contact your bank for clarification.

How do I withdraw money?

Your withdrawal method will depend on the deposit method.

If you use an e-wallet to deposit, you will only be able to withdraw to the same e-wallet account. In order to withdraw funds, make a withdrawal request on the withdrawal page. Withdrawal requests are processed by IQ Option within 3 business days. If you withdraw to a bank card, a payment system and your bank require additional time to process this transaction.

Conditions may vary depending on location. Please get in touch with Support for precise instruction.

Why did you change the minimum amount for bank transfer withdrawals to 200.00BRL?
This is a new minimum withdrawal amount for bank transfers only. If you choose another method, the minimum amount is still 4 BRL. This change was necessary due to the high number of withdrawals processed by this method at low values. In order to respect the processing time, we need to decrease the number of withdrawals made per day, without affecting the quality of the same.
How long does it take for the withdrawal I made by bank transfer to arrive in my bank account?
The standard maximum time limit for bank transfers is 3 business days, and it can take less. However, just as some boletos are processed in less time, others may need all the time of the term.
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What is a rebuy in the tournament?
In some tournaments, you can reload your tournament balance by re-paying the entry fee in real money. For example, if a tournament allows rebuys and your starting balance is $100, you can click "Rebuy" next to the balance and you will have $200 on your tournament balance. The number of rebuys during the tournament is unlimited, but only if the current balance and the profit from open positions is less than the starting balance. At the start of the tournament, you can reload once. The rebuy amounts are totaled and added to the tournament prize pool.
How can I collect a prize in a tournament?
If you are awarded one of the prizes in the tournament, your winnings are automatically credited to your real account when the tournament ends. Usually this happens instantly, but in some cases it may take from several minutes to an hour.
Why can't I access my tournament account?
If you select a tournament account but nothing happens, most likely the tournament hasn't started yet. To find out when the tournament will begin, click Tournaments in the left-hand menu on the platform.
What assets can I trade during tournaments?
When you compete with other traders within IQ Tournaments, you are welcome to choose any asset from the Options Tab only.
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How can I close my account?
Some traders get too involved in trading and aren't able to stop, which leads them to make reckless investments over and over again. If you need to take a break and stop trading for a while, you can close your account in the settings in your profile. The "Close Account" button is at the very bottom of the page. Please note: After you close the account, you can't open your profile or trade on the platform. Go to settings
I have a virtual card that I can't verify. What should I do?
In that case, everything will depend on your bank. If you have access to the card, just send us a screenshot of it so we can verify it. Some applications do not allow the capture (screenshot), in this case you will need to contact your bank to get the screenshot or use another device to photograph the card in question. If you have access to the images via web/browser, make sure that you capture the entire browser page, not just the image of the card.
How do I change my home address?

To change your address, please send an official request to Make sure to indicate both your old and new address in the email.

After this, upload a document in your profile to confirm your intention to change the address.

You can check an example of a valid ID/driving license here. Also, here is how a valid passport looks like.

Once your document is uploaded, let us know of it in the chat. We will gladly change your address for you.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?
Every email message has an Unsubscribe link at the bottom. It only takes one click to stop getting our emails. You can also set this in your profile. To do this, click the profile icon in the upper-right corner and go to the Personal Data section. On the page that opens, go to the E-mail settings tab, where you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive from us. Go to the e-mail settings
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Why were my documents declined?

Please check if:

- your docs are in color

- your docs were issued not earlier than six months ago

- you uploaded full-page copies of your documents

- you covered all the card numbers properly (the photo must show the first six and the last four digits of your card number; the CVV code on the reverse must be covered)

- you uploaded appropriate documents as your ID, such as your passport or driving license

I cannot confirm my email address

1. Open the platform using Google Chrome in incognito mode

2. Clear your browsing data — cache and cookies. To do this, please press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, choose the period ALL and then click CLEAN. Afterwards, please restart the page and see if there have been any changes. The complete procedure is described here. You may also try to use another browser or another device.

3. Request a verification e-mail once again.

4. Check your spam folder in your e-mail box.

If it does not help, please contact our Support Team via LiveChat and provide our specialists with the screenshots of an error (if any)

I cannot confirm my phone number

1. Open the platform using Google Chrome in incognito mode

2. Make sure your phone number is specified accurately

3. Restart your mobile device and make sure your device receives other messages

4. Check whether you have received an SMS or a call with a verification code

If it does not help, please contact our Support Team via LiveChat and provide our specialists with the screenshots of an error (if any)

Can I trade without being verified?
It is obligatory to pass all the verification steps to be able to trade on our platform. In complying with highest standards of safety and security, we strive to make sure that it's the owner of the account who performs trading transactions and makes payments on our trading platform.
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How does a multiplier work?

CFD trading offers the usage of a multiplier which can help a trader to control the position that exceeds the amount of money invested in it. The potential profitability (as well as risks) will also be magnified. Investing $100 a trader may get the return that is comparable to a $1000 investment. That’s the opportunity a multiplier can offer. However, remember that the same goes with potential losses as these would be multiplied as well.

You will find the information here.

I had a tie on Digital Options and I still lost my investment. Why was that?
Digital Options function differently from Binary Options. In the case of Digital Options, you must select a Strike Price, which is the price the asset must break through to make your transaction profitable. If the opening value equals to the closing one, the trade will close at loss since the Strike Price is not reached.
What are the purchase time and the expiration time?
The chart shows two lines marking points in time. The purchase time is the white dotted line. After this time, you can't buy an option for the selected expiration time. The expiration time is shown by the solid red line. When the transaction crosses this line, it closes automatically and you take either a profit or a loss for the result. You can choose any available expiration time. If you have not opened a deal yet, both white and red lines will be moving together to the right to mark the purchase deadline for the chosen expiration time.
What is Slippage?
Please note that Slippage may occur when trading in CFDs. It is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price at which the order is actually executed. It can work either positively or negatively. It’s likely to occur during periods of higher volatility when market prices fluctuate very quickly. The situation can occur with either Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.
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